A Real Gem

Unstructured Rambling of a Female Photographer series:

You radiantly highlighted from the car and I found it hard to reconcile your voice which I have heard

several times on phone with your person.

Not that you sounded the opposite but I never expected to be shut out of words with your beauty.

Your smile kept me smiling and your awesomeness is one I can't describe without acknowledging the

heavenly father.

I mean, I am yet to Photograph another Bride with such beauty.

Yes! They say "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder" but I can proudly say we all can behold this

beauty that flows from within you.

Anike, how else can I describe you? Let me start by saying you had a heart of Gold, you are highly

spirited and Kind to a fault. I could have sworn I have known you all my life. But with my 48hours with

you I knew you weren't a mistake to your husband.

How can I ever forget the morning of your must special day, which I share memory of as your


My colleague had taken your pair of earrings to Photograph outside your room all for the sake of

being creative, unfortunately and mistakenly one of the pairs got missing.

I was so angry and sad. It was a coral bead! I ran straight to the market hoping to get it replaced but

I could not. This coral bead was more like Gold I actually got a look alike definitely not coral just to


I rushed back right on time but that was the first time I saw you angry. You were so angry. Well who

wouldn't be? But what baffled me was what you were angry over.

"Tope you shouldn't have stressed yourself" you said "I have another nice one I can use, I'm really not

happy that you bothered and you went that far getting it replaced!"

That was all you said. I was like "Really"

You didn't care about the earring that got missing, you cared about me? Who does that?

That is like the height of kindness it is not what I would have done, but what Jesus would have

done, I was even angrier at my colleague for the mistake but there you were saying it's nothing?

But I learnt from you, you taught me that day that nothing on earth is as precious as a life. A life of a

loved one is more precious than Gold or Coral or whatever is worth more to you.

Oh! We enjoyed documenting your wedding. You made every picture fabulous, you looked so beautiful

from the inside.

I never wanted to stop taking pictures of you, only if I knew that was the last time we would see. I was

hoping to surprise you for your anniversary as we have grown to be friends with time but only if you had

made it till the anniversary.


Dear Anike,

News of your departure reached me a week after you left. I shivered in sadness, tears weren't even

enough to express my pain. I write you in brokenness but I am consoled because I know you would be

with the lord and we will meet again.

You had left your lovely husband and son. I pray they find comfort in the Holy Spirit.

Rest beautifully Darling.

Writographically Yours

Tope Adeniyan

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