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Living your resolutions

Over the years, I’ve become increasingly averse to making New Year’s Resolutions. It used to be that making new year’s resolutions was kinda like getting a do-over, a chance for new beginnings on a fresh slate, to do things better or differently. The truth is, in most cases it’s just another self made set up for a disastrous fall. Let’s be honest, new year’s resolutions tend to suck. And the only do-over you’ll get out of it is to discover yet another way to royally suck at sticking to your resolutions.

If you chip away the sentiments attached to the “New Year”, you’ll see that it’s just another 24 hours from the previous year, a change in the last digit of the year from 1 to 2 or from 9 to 0, a flip of a digital calendar. The same 24 hours that separates December 31st from January 1st separates a balling Saturday from a hangover Sunday. It’s just plain ridiculous to attach so much meaning to a number based solely on sentiments.

I mean you don’t have to wait for a new year to create time to that dance class you’ve always wanted to take, to treat yourself to that new PlayStation or get that Power-bike you’ve been dreaming of, to learn a new language or broaden your horizon more, to travel, to go bungee jumping and shit your pants or go sky diving and puke your guts out, to find love or give love, to give up a vice or pick up a hobby, to get in better shape whether by dropping or putting on a few pounds, to a better friend, daughter or son to your parents or a better example to your kids.

You don’t wait for a new year to start living, to start your own new beginnings. Life won’t wait a New Year for you, and I’ll bet my dimples the grim reaper won’t wait a New Year either. There’s plenty truth to the saying “Live each day like it were your last”; You never know, it just might be.

Written by: Adedayo Adewunmi-Missa

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